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How I Work

My approach utilises the Relational Integrative Model (Faris & van Ooijen, 2012) and put simply means two things. Firstly, I can adopt a mixture of theoretical approaches (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic and Humanistic) to tailor a service that meets your needs and goals. The approaches that I adopt in our work together will be focused around your personal goals and discussed with you at the beginning of therapy. 


Secondly, I work in a ‘relational’ way which means that my belief in therapy lies in the power of the relationship created between the client and counsellor. I will listen to your life story and will aim to facilitate a new understanding of you and your world. In sessions this may manifest in us noticing and reflecting on recurring themes and patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings and when relevant I may offer an element of psychoeducation that is, use theory to offer an explanation of patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings. It is through techniques such as these and our therapeutic relationship that we can explore the issues that are important to you, whether they are in your past or your present, together we will work on a future that is right for you.

If you have any questions about how counselling can help you, get in touch today for a confidential and free initial chat. 


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